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Machine Automation with PC-Based I/O Controller, Machine Automation with Programmable Automation Controller, Machine Vision and Motion-Controlled System


Machine Automation with PC-Based I/O Controller
Machine automation with PC-based system is the most economical method for interactive control input/output with mechanical handler and sensors. The latest product we offer for the I/O runs on network CAT5 cable which significant reduce the wiring complexity.

Machine automation that requires more than 100 I/Os, PC-Based I/O Controller is the most practical and cost effective system for the industry. WebSuite has typically implemented a couple of PC-Based I/O Control that achieving the sequence time of 0.25s/unit ,2.5s/unit and 5.0s/unit for production environment.


Machine Automation with Programmable Automation Controller
Programmable Automaion Controller combines the performance of real-time controller with the powerful features of a computer.

WebSuite has achieved a sequence time of 110ms/unit for high-speed semiconductor production equipment with National Instruments PXI-Platform Programmable Automation Controller.


Machine Vision and Motion-Controlled System
WebSuite has incorporated machine automation in PXI platform with 3-axes (x-y-z) motion-controlled platform and Vision Inspection System.

Machine Vision has been made more convenient, reusable and shorter implementation time frame with National Instruments Vision Development Toolkits.